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Executive Committee

The Society has an Executive Committee made up of a number of members who run the Society.

The Executive Committee spends much time liaising with the Department of Health regarding the appropriate work done in units and how to tackle the huge burden of cardiac and thoracic disease with limited resources.

SCTS ensures units offer appropriate care to our patients by supporting units with contemporaneous guidance, monitoring surgical outcomes as well as supporting members of the units.

The teaching and appropriate training of future surgeons is governed and delivered by the Specialist Advisory Committee for Higher Surgical Training with the Executive Committee with powers to recognise units as suitable for training, or not as the case may be.

A member of the SCTS is present on every committee for the appointment of a new consultant. This helps to ensure standards and fairness.

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Mr Narain Moorjani President 2022 - 2025
Mr Aman Coonar President Elect 2023 - 2025
Mr Rana Sayeed Honorary Secretary 2022 - 2027
Mr Mark Jones Honorary Treasurer 2023 - 2026
Mr Sridhar Rathinam Communication Secretary/ICB Chair 2021-2025
Mr Sunil Bhudia Meeting Secretary 2024-2026
Mr Manoj Purohit Elected Trustee 2022 - 2025
Mr Vipin Zamvar Elected Trustee 2022 - 2025
Professor Karen Redmond Elected Trustee and Thoracic Surgery Co-Chair 2023 - 2026
Mr Attilio Lotto Elected Trustee 2023 - 2026
Mr Espeed Khoshbin Elected Trustee 2024-2027
Miss Indu Deglurkar Elected Trustee & Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair 2021-2024
Mr Manoj Kuduvalli Adult Cardiac Surgery Co-Chair 2023 - 2026
Miss Elizabeth Belcher Joint Education Secretary 2022-2025
Ms Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy Nursing and AHP Sub-Committee Co-Chair 2020 - 2026
Mr Rajamiyer Venkateswaran Transplantation Co-chair 2023-2026
Mr Vasileios Tentzeris Innovation Co-Chair 2024-2027
Mr Uday Trivedi Audit Sub-Committee Co-Chair 2022-2025
Miss Ralitsa Baranowski WiCTS Co-Chair 2023-2026
Miss Betsy Evans Joint Perfusion Rep. 2024-2027
Mr Gianluca Lucchese Joint Perfusion Rep. 2023-2026
Dr Bassem Gadallah NTN Trainee Representative (Senior) 2022 - 2025
Mr Walid Mohamed NTN Trainee Representative (Junior) 2022 - 2025
Ms Sarah Murray Lay Representative 2014 - 2022
Mr Timothy Jones Cardiothoracic Surgery SAC Chair 2022-2025
Miss Tilly Mitchell Finance & Exhibition Coordinator 2009
Ms. Emma Piotrowski Society Administrator & Conference Organiser 2018
Ms Taet Chesterton Admin Team -
Miss Maika Jimenez Blanco Staff -
Miss Mara Banuta Staff -