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Meetings Team

The meetings team is responsible for the organisation of the SCTS Annual Meeting. The committee consists of Surgeons, Nursing and AHP members and the administration team and is responsible for:

  • The venue 
  • The abstract reviewal 
  • The meeting programme of invited presentations and abstracts
  • The sponsorship
  • Exhibitors and Exhibition areas
  • The meeting app

The team meets at least monthly throughout the year and reports to the SCTS Executive Committee

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Mr Sridhar Rathinam Executive Co-Chair 2022-2025
Mr Sunil Bhudia Meeting Secretary 2024-2026
Miss Carol Tan Deputy Meeting Secretary 2024-2026
Mr Gianluca Lucchese Associate Meeting Secretary 2024-2026
Mrs Nisha Bhudia NAHP Meeting Lead 2022-2025
Mrs Rosalie Magboo NAHP Associate Meeting Lead 2023-2026
Miss Tilly Mitchell Conference Organiser -
Ms. Emma Piotrowski Conference Organiser -
Miss Maika Jimenez Blanco Exhibition Organiser -