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The Education Committee serves as a link between the Executive and the Cardiothoracic SAC to ensure that educational matters are highlighted in the Society. Specific tasks include the confirmation of CPD points for meetings which are assuming much greater importance than formerly due to the requirements of Revalidation. Other current matters are the Ethicon Scholarships, the recognition of courses for Allied Health Professionals, including Surgical Care Practitioners, and the development of Simulation Training Courses

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Miss Deborah Harrington Co-Education Secretary 2021 - 2024
Miss Elizabeth Belcher Co-Education Secretary 2022-2025
Mr Aman Coonar Executive Co-Chair 2023-2025
Mr Michael Shackcloth Thoracic Tutor 2022-2025
Professor Mahmoud Loubani Cardiac Co-Tutor 2022-2025
Mr Shafi Mussa Congenital Lead 2023-2026
Mr Espeed Khoshbin Transplant Surgery Lead 2021 - 2024
Dr Bassem Gadallah National Trainee Rep. 2022-2025
Mr Walid Mohamed National Trainee Rep. 2022-2025
Miss Michelle Lee Trainee Rep. 2024-2026
Mr Jason Ali Student Lead 2023-2026
Professor Prakash Punjabi Consultant Lead 2021 - 2024
Mr Shahzad Raja Consultant Lead 2021 - 2024
Mr Mohammad Hawari Trust Appointed Doctor Lead (Thoracic) 2023-2026
Mr Anas Boulemden Trust Appointed Doctor Lead (Cardiac) 2024-2027
Mr Shafi Mussa Accreditation Lead 2021 - 2024
Mr Vivek Srivastava Communication Lead 2021 - 2024
Miss Mara Banuta Education Administrator 2022 -
Ms Kathryn Hewitt NAHP Co-Lead 2023 - 2026
Mrs Xiao Liu NAHP Co-Lead 2023-2026
Mr Christopher Horton Website Development Lead 2024-2027