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Academic & Research

The SCTS Academic and Research committee was established to address the research priorities in Cardiothoracic Surgery. It includes members that represent cardiothoracic surgeons and allied healthcare professionals, aligning with the core goals of the society.  

The roles of the committee include but are not limited to the support and enhancement of the NIHR academic trainees, applications for NICOR data, national trials, the interdisciplinary research collaborative, the Priority Setting Partnership, or the Royal College of Surgeons Specialty Lead and Associate Lead programme.

One of the key aims of the committee is to support the training and development of the future research leaders.

The tasks of the committee include a report submission to each Executive committee and Cardiothoracic SAC, Advise the SCTS / SAC regarding workforce and recruitment, interface with the Education Committee and Meeting teams agendas, coordinate and communicate on academic and research agendas, collaborate with the research department at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Mr Cha Rajakaruna Executive Co-Chair 2022-2025
Mr Babu Naidu Thoracic Lead 2021-2024
Mr Attilio Lotto Congenital Lead 2024 - 2027
Mrs Rosalie Magboo Nursing and AHP Rep. 2021 - 2024
Mrs Zainab Khanbhai Nursing and AHP Rep. 2021-2024
Dr Hemangi Chavan Nursing and AHP Rep. 2021-2024
Mrs Nisha Bhudia Nursing and AHP Rep. 2021-2024
Ms Jacie Jiaqi Law ASSL 2022 - 2025
Mr Luke Rogers ASSL 2021-2024
Mr Ricky Vaja ASSL 2021-2024
Ms Ann Cheng ASSL 2022-2025
Miss Brianda Ripoll ASSL 2022-2025
Mr Niraj Kumar Student Representative 2022-2025
Mr Gokul Raj Krishna Student Representative 2022-2025
Mr Rana Sayeed SCTS Rep. National Cardiac Surgery Trials Programme Steering Committee 2023-2025