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Medical Students Useful Resources

Additional Resources

Free Online Revision Resources:  


  • For the latest updates on NTN training in the UK see the Wessex Deanery website
  • The SCTS 
    • Our Society Website  
    • Checkout our 'Surgeon of the Month' series to read interviews with some of our members about their careers  
  • Medics & Me 
    • Linked to schools to provide curriculums and connect prospective students with a medical student mentor  
  • Medical Books
    • A comprehensive list of non-fiction medical books that make for fascinating reading has been compiled here! We would definitely recommend you read a few before embarking down the medical profession as they make for very honest and emotionally thrilling reads as they depict the true world of medicine. 
    • A great one to start with for an overview of the history of cardiac surgery is "The Matter of the Heart" by Thomas Morris, we also recommend Prof Steven Westaby’s “Fragile Lives” and “When Breath becomes Air” by neurosurgeon Dr Paul Kalanithi.