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2022 Fellowships

2022 Ethicon Fellowship Results

Thank you to Ethicon for the continued fellowship offering. We are delighted to announce the 2022 Ethicon Fellowship winners:

Mr Adam Daly - £41,400

Fellow in Cardiothoracic, Advanced Aortic and Endovascular Surgery – Cleveland Clinic

Adam started his 2-year Out of Programme Training Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in July 2021. Adam is on a two year Cardiothoracic Advanced Aortic and Endovascular fellowship in Cleveland Clinic, focussing on complex open, hybrid and endovascular management of aortic disease of the root, arch and descending aorta.


Mr Ashok Kar - £30,000

Cardiothoracic Specialist Training Registrar (ST8 - Peri-CCT Fellow) - St George's Hospital, London

Ashok has been accepted for an intensive three-month Thoracic clinical fellowship based at the Mater Hospital and Blackrock Clinic, Dublin to start in October 2022 or January 2023. His focus will be to obtain technical proficiency in minimally invasive robotic operations (RATS).


Mr Jonathan Afoke - £18,600

Post CCT Fellow – Hammersmith Hospital

Jonathan has been accepted at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester in the United States to start in July 2022 for 12 months. The focus of Jonathan’s fellowship will be to gain experience and competency in complex mitral valve surgery.


2022/23 SCTS & AstraZeneca Fellowship Results

We are delighted to announce that Anuj Wali has been awarded this year’s SCTS & AstraZeneca Thoracic Oncology Educational Fellowship. Anuj is currently working as ST1 in Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

We would like to congratulate Anuj and wish him all the best with his studies at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.