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Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery Network

The ratio of male to female consultant surgeons in the UK is approximately 8:1 with female Cardiothoracic surgeons constituting less than 10% of our workforce. Gender discrimination continues, originating from conscious and unconscious bias, which is remedied only by recognition and deliberate correction.

The Women in Cardiothoracic Surgery (WICTS) network was established in 2021 under our first lead Miss Karen Booth. We have a committee made up of 16 SCTS members ranging from trainees to consultants and AHP's and nurses. We are dedicated to encouraging and enabling women to pursue their surgical career ambitions. The WICTS network welcomes all female colleagues working in Cardiothoracic Surgery in the UK. We aim to foster an environment that supports women in the specialty through education, mentorship, sponsorship and scholarship. Engagement with the network is through regular emails, social media channels as well as annual SCTS meetings.

We offer confidential advice, support and anonymity is strictly maintained.

This is available for all female colleagues confronted by discrimination, inequality at work or any other issues they may want to discuss. So please get in touch.