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Blue Books

The Blue Books are produced by the SCTS for both Adult Cardiac and Adult Thoracic Surgery as an analysis of the data provided by the units and surgeons. They are designed to describe the activity and outcomes for cardiothoracic surgery in the United Kingdom and ireland.

Adult Cardiac Blue Book

     7th Cardiac Surgery Blue Book 2021






SCTS are pleased to inform you that the latest edition in the Blue book series describing activity and outcome of cardiac surgery in Great Britain and Ireland is published on the SCTS website today. As you will discover, it is a very different book from previous iterations, and for good reasons as so much as changed. It is also the first to be published by SCTS alone, supported by a research grant from Heart Research UK. I am very grateful to my co-editor Stuart Grant, and all the authors who have so generously provided their time, experience and skill to put this all together. I hope you will think it worthwhile and enjoy reading about our national activity and further improvement in survival since the turn of the 21st century.

I tried to focus on what I considered the key trends during this era, and also to look at the overall national outcome and to move away from direct comparisons between hospitals and individual surgeons. As you will see, mortality in hospital has reduced further, and in the future, we need to concentrate on other outcome measures to keep the momentum of improvement going, and SCTS and NICOR are already working on this.

Finally, without stating the obvious, I wanted to thank all SCTS members personally for all their efforts to collect this data, as everything you read here is a direct result of the patients you treated and the information you entered since 2001.

David Jenkins
Chair SCTS Cardiac Surgery Audit 2013-2019


6th Adult Cardiac Surgery Blue Book






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Adult Thoracic Blue Book 

Thoracic Blue Book 2018






The SCTS has collected activity and in-hospital mortality data in thoracic surgery for over 30 years. It is one of the largest and longest running datasets in thoracic surgery worldwide. A report on activity and trends can be found in the 2018 Thoracic Blue Book. A PDF version of this book especially designed for patients is now available to read.

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