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The SCTS Innovation Sub-Committee has the purpose of providing leadership in developing and supporting innovation in cardiothoracic surgery. This includes both technological innovation (such as minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, navigational bronchoscopy, mini bypass, etc.) and non-technological innovation that improve processes and patient pathways (such as high risk MDTs, day of surgery admission, regional rotas, one-stop clinics, etc.)

The responsibilities of the sub-committee will include:

  • Facilitating an environment where the development of innovative techniques and the adoption of new procedures in cardiothoracic surgery is encouraged, recognised and allowed to flourish in all cardiothoracic units in UK
  • Producing examples of best practice and quality improvement projects in innovation in cardiothoracic surgery
  • Developing protocols and guidance documents to support the introduction of new procedures
  • Working with the SAC to support training opportunities in innovation nationally
  • Support the establishment of SCTS approved funded fellowships in innovation
  • Developing an SCTS-led national audit strategy to assess the effectiveness and safety of new technologies introduced
  • Liaising with Specialist Commissioning Groups, BISMICS and other organisations related to innovation in cardiothoracic surgery
  • Working with industry partners to highlight new technologies and support the safe introduction of innovation
  • Actively support research in technological and non-technological innovation 

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Mr Vasileios Tentzeris Co-Chair 2024-2027
Mr Rana Sayeed Executive Co-Chair 2023-2026
Mr Ishtiaq Ahmed Member 2021 - 2024
Professor Massimo Caputo Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Roberto Casula Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Joel Dunning Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Hazem Fallouh Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Rafael Guerrero Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Shyamsunder Kolvekar Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Kelvin Lau Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Nicolas Nikolaidis Member 2021 - 2024
Professor Karen Redmond Member 2021 - 2024
Prof Stephan Schueler Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Narain Moorjani Appointed Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Joshil Lodhia Trainee Cardiothoracic Surgery Representative 2021-2024
Ms Sarah Murray Lay Rep 2021 - 2024
Mr Ranjit Deshpande Appointed Member 2021 - 2024
Mr Alexander Cale Appointed Member 2021 - 2024
Ms Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy NAHP Rep. 2021 - 2024
Miss Úna Ahearn NAHP Representative 2021-2024
Dr Bassem Gadallah Trainee Representative 2022-2025
Mr Walid Mohamed Trainee Representative 2022-2025