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Website Instructions

Here you will find instructions and advice for members to alter information on various aspects of the website.
All members will have access to their profile for udating personal details and other individuals will have access to various administation aspects of the website. Please see the relevant sections below for information on maintaining accurate information for the website.

Membership and Subscription

You may amend your membership details here. Please select the correct membership category for yourself and keep this up to date. You can change your membership and payment details and subit for approval.

If you have any queries please contact Emma Piotrowski


Member Profiles

This can be accessed at 'Edit Your Profile' of the members section. This is where your you can edit your profile information such as name, date of birth, institutions, addresses and contact preferneces can be found.

Please note that your career grade (Consultant, Trainee, Nusing and AHP etc) are set in your membership information. It is important to check that your membership details are correct before you complete your profile information.

Photo: Click on the photo icon to upload a photograph of yourself

Email: Your email that you enter below your names will be the primary email that all correspondence will be directed to. We can only correspond through your primary email. You may add multiple email addresses in your addresses section and these will be displayed under your profile if you grant permission under the tab 'what searches can this address be used for', but we wil not be corresponding with you through these email addresses unless you make one of them your primary email address.

Primary Institution: This is the hospital where you primarily are based. Select a hospital from the dropdowns as you type. You may add multiple institutions e.g. NHS, University and Private Hospitals
For Consultant Surgeons working in the UK and Ireland, you will need to add your hospital as your primary institution and not your trust name - these are all in the preselect as you type. Outcome data is linked to the hospital that provides data from your hospital if provided. 
Staffing information for UK and Ireland Hospitals are driven by affiliations to hospitals that you specify.

Areas of Practice: Select the areas of practice that you are primarily involved with. For Consultant Surgeons working in the UK and Ireland, you will need to select only the areas that your practice and not necessarily had training - i.e. do not select Cardiac and Thoracic if you only practice Adult Cardiac Surgery.

Profile Information: Enter details about yourself here. You may add links to other websites with the link button or highlight with Bold and Italics. Please keep your profile neat by not making all wording in bold or italics or capitals!
Some preformatting creates a double space between lines. To alter this use [Shift] + Enter to move to a single space below.

Addresses: You may add multiple addresses and emails. telephone numbers and secretarial details if you wish. You have the ability to grant permissions to each of these addresses under the tab 'what searches can this address be used for' - Admin, Members or Public. Please do not use all capitals for any areas of the address. You can delete addresses by clicking the 'x' at the top right corner.

If you are an SCTS Committee member, we would strongly encourage your to keep a contact option visible to at least members.

Contact and Profile Preferences: Please update all your contact preferences as you wish. Please note that for  Consultant Surgeons working in the UK and Ireland, you do not have the ability to hide your basic profile information from the public view. You may hide your adresses and contact details in the addresses section.


Committee Administrative Instructions

If you are a member of an SCTS Committee and you have been granted Admin priveleges, the you can make the following alterations to your Committee.

Navigate to your Committee and you will see the icons on the right.

You can make the following changes:


Email Committee Members: You can choose to email all or selected individuals of a committee. The subject of the email is automatcially set to the Committee name.

You will be able to add content including zoom links, URLs etc and links to documents

View Meetings: See all or only upcoming meetings. This will be available for all members of the committee. Documents may be attached to particular meetings - for example a word document if the meeting agenda in the manage committee section (below).

Go to Private Page: This is where you will be able to view documents specific to your committee and viewable only by the committee

Manage Committee: Here you have options to alter content, members and documents for the committee.

  • Edit Committee settings: Enter text that will appear on the website for that committee viewable to either the public or members only
  • Manage Documents: Attach or delete documents for the committee
  • Manage Meetings: Arrange meeting dates and times and add documents
  • Manage Committee Members: This is an important area to maintain in terms of the membership of the committee.

  • Add members by typing their name and selecting from list
  • Asign an office or select other to freetext an office
  • Term of office is a freetext field and should be in the format yyyy - yyyy e.g. 2020 - 2023. This will be dispalyed in members profiles
  • Enter 'active from' and 'active to' dates
  • Published should be marked as 'Yes' to be displayed.

IMPORTANTLY - Never delete a member!

  • If their role on the committee ends, then the 'active to' date should be changed to that date they will cease to be on the committee - they will cease to be viewable on the committee from that date. If they start a new role within the same committee,  add them again with a new role, 'active from' and 'active to' dates and ensure the dates of the roles do not overlap.