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Adult Cardiac Surgery

The Adult Cardiac Surgical Committee presides over matters concerning all aspects of Adult Cardiac Surgery including:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Mentorship
  • Workforce Planning 
  • Research

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Mr Manoj Kuduvalli Co-Chair 2023-2026
Mr Narain Moorjani Executive Co-Chair 2022-2025
Mr Uday Trivedi Audit Lead 2019 - 2022
Mr Dimitrios Pousios Deputy Audit Lead 2022-2025
Miss Deborah Harrington Education Lead 2020 - 2023
Mr Andrew Goodwin NICOR 2017 - 2022
Mr Peter Braidley NHS Commissioning 2020 - 2023
Ms Lisa Carson Nursing and AHP Rep. 2021-2024
Ms Kathryn Hewitt Nursing and AHP Rep. 2021-2024
Mr Harikrishna Doshi Appointed Member 2022-2025
Dr Giovanni Mariscalco Appointed Member 2022-2025
Prof Georgios Krasopoulos Appointed Member 2022-2025