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SCTS INSINC (Student Committee)

SCTS INSINC 2021-2023: Inspiring Students in Cardiothoracics

On behalf of Professor Farah Bhatti and myself as SCTS Student Education Co-Leads we are delighted to announce our new SCTS Student Education Committee membership!

Over 50 medical students applied for positions and the calibre of applications was very high so many congratulations to our selected students on standing out from the crowd and going the extra mile at each of your respective medical schools, we are delighted to offer the positions as highlighted below:

Committee Members: 

Amerikos Aryriou - Student Lead 2021-2023

My name is Amerikos Argyriou and I am a 4th year medical student at the University of Manchester and originally from Limassol, Cyprus. I have a passion for cardiac surgery, all forms of sport and medical education, while my current research interests lie in the field of vascular tissue engineering. Thank you to SCTS for my selection!

Bertie Harrington - National Events Officer 2021-2023

I’m an intercalating Newcastle medical student currently completing my Cancer MRes. Over the past year I have been an active member of and on the committees of the university’s CardioSoc, SurgSoc and Triathlon Team and have an interest in medical education. I’m a keen triathlete with a passion for baking, yoga, and singing.

Maria Solange de Paiva Moura - Research Collaborative Officer 2021-2023

I am a fourth-year medical student from Brazil, willing to pursue a career in thoracic surgery in the UK. As an overseas undergraduate, I have always been interested in learning from other institutions abroad towards improving my medical education, as well as being a helpful and active student. 

Rishab Makam - Treasurer - 2021-2023

I am a 4th year international student from India  currently studying at Hull York Medical School. I am an aspiring congenital cardiac surgeon passionate about making an impact in the field of global surgery. Outside medicine, I’m involved in medico-politics at the BMA, enjoy dancing and look forward to my role on the committee.

Javeria Tariq - Widening Access Officer - 2021-2023

I am third year medical student who works closely with NICE and believe in widening access and diversity and equality.  I am excited about the opportunity ahead and want to thank SCTS for including me in this committee.

Amelia Websdale - Regional Events Officer - 2021-2023

I am a Medical Sciences student at the University of Leeds. I lead a national mentoring scheme for female medical students interested in the cardiac specialties as well as a cardiac surgery audit at Leeds General Infirmary. My main area of interest is congenital cardiac surgery. Outside academia, I enjoy competing in triathlons and rowing.

Kirstie Kirkley - Mentorship Officer - 2021-2023

I’m a 4th year student with an intercalated Neuroscience BSc and founder of the Bristol Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery. I have loved the specialty since an elective in adult and paediatric cardiothoracic surgery in South Korea. To relax, I enjoy being outdoors and cooking new recipes for family and friends.

Josh Brown - Communications Officer - 2021-2023

I am Josh, a medical student at Queen’s University and I am passionate about improving access into medical school and Cardiothoracic Surgery.  I am looking forward to providing application support into cardiothoracic surgery and cannot wait to begin my position.

Alexander Reynolds - Equality and Diversity Officer - 2021-2023

I am first year medical student at Swansea University Medical School and my aims and career objectives are to start a Welsh National Congenital Cardiac Surgery Programme.  I am so excited about the opportunity on offer through my committee position.

Holly Dejsupa - Medical School Liaison Officer - 2021-2023

I am Holly, a medical student founder of BSAM, edit for a medical journal and I am the secretary and events Officer for BUEMS.  The opportunity offered to me through this committee is hugely exciting to me and I am looking forward to working alongside my fellow committee members.


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SCTS INSINC 2023-2025: Inspiring Students in Cardiothoracics


Hi everyone my name is Heen Shamaz and I am wholeHEARTedly honoured to become the lead for SCTS INSINC! Currently I am a 3rd year medical student at The University of Edinburgh intercalating in surgical sciences. I'm very passionate about cardiac surgery and have been working extensively to promote insight, research, diversity, and mentorship in all things cardiothoracics!

Very excited to be working together with the committee to bring you all an amazing 2 years:)

In my free time I love spending time with family and running my YouTube channel!


I am a fourth-year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona. I am very passionate about surgery and have had the privilege of being the President of the Association of Women Surgeons Edinburgh for the past three years. I've also been involved with the University of Edinburgh Cardiothoracics Society as Treasurer this year. Outside of medicine, I am the co-founder and co-president of DURGA, a 501(c)3 NGO dedicated to removing barriers to healthcare and education in the Jammu region of India. I am a dancer and also enjoy hiking in the red rocks of Arizona, or, more recently, the highlands of Scotland!

I am beyond excited to get to represent SCTS as the INSINC communications lead, and look forward to the amazing work we achieve as a committee!


I am a fifth year medical student at the University of Cambridge and originally from Toronto, Canada. I have been interested in cardiothoracic surgery, in particular heart/lung transplant and mechanical support, since reading a book when I was 10 where the main character had cystic fibrosis and needed a transplant! As Prof Bhatti says, “lift as you climb” - my goals as mentorship officer are to develop a tiered near-peer mentorship scheme for sixth formers and medical students. Outside of medicine, I love spending time with my pets, teaching ballet, and knitting.


I am a 4th year medical student at the University of Birmingham with an intercalated BMedSci in Cardiovascular Sciences. My special interests are in congenital cardiac disease and academic medicine. I am delighted to have been appointed as the SCTS INSINC Research Lead, as I am extremely passionate about improving opportunity and representation within both cardiothoracic surgery and research.  I cannot wait to work together with our amazing committee and look forward to what we can achieve together! 


I am a fourth-year medical student at the University of Manchester. I feel very lucky to have identified my life’s mission, and I hope to instil the same passion for cardiothoracic surgery in students throughout the UK.   

I believe that no individual should be prevented from moving in a productive direction – that is, pursuing their interest in CTS – for reasons that are unrelated to their competence. I hope to demonstrate that anyone can pursue a career in CTS. Fundamentally, my aim is to maximise the number of individuals with an interest in CTS, thereby ensuring the inclusion of those who have the highest potential. I will work to develop strategies to support students where necessary, providing equality of opportunity to explore these interests, no matter ones socio-economic background or immutable characteristics. Ultimately, this will maximise the meaningful diversity of unique talents, skills, attributes, and perspectives that will enable advancement of the specialty and optimise future care.My professional interests lie in that of cardiac surgery and longevity. Outside of medicine, I keep active with the gym, cycling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and field archery. I play the guitar and like to do anatomical drawings (particularly of the heart). I am also a student of human nature, currently immersed in the works of Dostoyevsky. I also have a ‘surgical project’ in progress: I am restoring a classic Mini. 


I’m a 4th year medical student studying in University College Cork, Ireland. Cardiothoracic surgery is a small, tight-knit specialty where we strive to look out for one another as well as our patients. I’m delighted to be a part of SCTS INSINC Committee as Medical School Liaison Officer and hope to inspire more students, particularly from Ireland to enter this fantastic specialty! 


My name is Ayush Balaji and I am a second year medical student at the Hull York Medical School. I was born in India, grew up in Japan and now live in York. I aspire to go into congenital cardiac surgery and have a strong interest in biomedical technology and its bridge with medicine. I am very passionate about building interest in surgery through hands-on exposure and practical experiences. I enjoy research as well as a regular brainstorm session to think of ideas to work on to solve different problems in medicine with creative solutions. As education lead I am excited to bring forth different projects to improve access to cardiothoracic surgery for students and to ultimately allow them to feel in place in theatres.


"I am a third-year medical student at Barts and The London with an iBSc in Cardiovascular Sciences. I have a special interest in aortic aneurysms and dissections, and I’m involved in lab research looking at diagnostic circulating biomarkers. Originally from Albania, I currently hold the position of General Secretary at AMFE-England and am also a volunteer for Alsa, with a strong drive to enhance the involvement of Albanians in the medical and surgical field. Outside of medicine, I help run our family business, love travelling and I’m very excited to collaborate with the committee and contribute to the organization of great events." 


Hi everyone, I’m Alana Atkinson and will be taking on the role of widening participation lead for the SCTS INSINC committee. I am a fourth year medical student at Queen’s University Belfast and am passionate about educating medical students about the field of cardiothoracic surgery. My aim is to get more students involved in the speciality at undergraduate level, giving them the best chance at pursuing this fantastic career. I love all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery and will use my time on the committee to explore specific interests.

Living near the coast I love to get out surfing or paddle boarding, although the weather doesn’t always agree. I also enjoy art and have combined this for a few surgical creations.


I am currently completing my intercalation in Cardiovascular Sciences at UCL, after which I will begin my clinical years of medical school. Outside of medicine I enjoy learning new skills, including life drawing and knitting. I look forward to help create opportunities for students and working together with the new team!