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Nursing & Allied Health Professionals (NAHP)

The SCTS Nursing & Allied Health Professional committee was established to increase the Nursing & AHP profile within the cardiothoracic surgical speciality, the cardiothoracic arena and among the general NAHP community. 

The SCTS NAHP committee aims to improve communication between cardiothoracic centres, specifically Nurses, Surgical Care Practitioners and AHP’s. By promoting and sharing service changes, developments, innovation and new ways of working. The SCTS NAHP committee take an active role in supporting workforce change and erode the division of the delivery of care. 

Committee Members

Member Office Term of Office
Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy NAHP Lead 2021 - 2026
Daisy Sandeman Meetings Lead 2019 - 2022
Zoe Barrett-Brown Physiotherapist Lead/ Patient Liaison (Website) 2021 - 2024
Emma Matthews Transplantation Lead 2021 - 2024
Kathryn Hewitt Cardiac Lead 2021-2024
Xiao Liu Thoracic Lead 2021-2024
Anna Gesicka Critical Care Lead 2021-2024
Lisa Carson-Price Perfusion Lead 2021-2024
Nisha Bhudia Pharmacy Lead 2021-2024
Hemangi Chavan Audit Lead 2021-2024
Libby Nolan Regional Tutor 2021-2024
Michael Martin Regional Tutor 2021-2024
Namita Thomas Regional Tutor 2021-2024
Yi Wang Regional Tutor 2021-2024
Jane Dickson Membership Lead 2021-2024
Jeni Palima Communication Lead 2021-2024
Noel Kelleher Perfusion Lead 2021-2024
Úna Ahearn Innovation Lead 2021-2024
Rosalie Magboo NAHP Research Committee Lead 2021