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News Archive—September 2011

Do NHS targets result in poor treatment?

Martin Beckford (Health Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph) reported that, according to the Royal College of Surgeons, up to half of the very oldest patients undergoing some types of urgent operations die each year because of poor treatment.... Read more

29 Sep 2011

BBC report: Royal Brompton Hospital child heart unit closure ‘vandalism’

BBC reported: On the first day of what is expected to be a three-day hearing, Mr Maclean said the “Safe and Sustainable” consultation had led to a proposal to reduce the number of centres in London from three to two. The recommended options... Read more

27 Sep 2011

Royal Brompton Hospital respiratory unit ‘viable’

On 16/9/11 BBC news reported that the Royal Brompton Hospital respiratory unit ‘viable’ The children’s respiratory ward at London’s Royal Brompton Hospital could remain open if other crucial services are shut down, a report has found. An... Read more

21 Sep 2011

GP referrals down by 4.7%

On 14/9/11, Mike Broad reported that DoH statistics suggest that GP referrals are down 4.7% this year. These referrals had shown a 3.5% increase at the same stage last year. The data also shows that first outpatient attendances have also declined... Read more

20 Sep 2011