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King's College Hospital

Region: London South
Trust: King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Services provided: Adult Cardiac Surgery and Thoracic Surgery

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Denmark Hill

About the unit

The department is a tertiary cardiac centre treating all forms of adult cardiac disease. This includes coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and thoracic aortic disease including aortic dissectionsLung cancer, serving a local population of 700,000 and a wider area from the south east of England. The unit is particularly specialised in minimally invasive cardiac surgery including transcatheter heart valve treatment.

Services provided

Adult Cardiac Surgery, Adult Thoracic Surgery

Rehabilitation and follow up

Typically, patients are introduced to the Rehab team already before surgery during their assessment. They are followed up the day after surgery by the Rehab team. Home visits occur 3 days post surgery and patients attend a rehab programme 4 weeks post surgery. We offer health classes - health talks, exercise circuits and relaxation sessions. Rehab Team contact: 020 3299 3495.


Parking is available in the main car park on Bessemer Road at a hourly charge. There are some spaces for registered disabled drivers with no charge for these.

Visiting hours

Wards: Most wards are open 10.30am until 12 noon and then from 3pm until 8.30pm. Intensive Care Unit: Unrestricted visiting with a rest period from 1pm until 2pm.


Tel: 020 3299 9000

Unit Website:    

Adult Cardiac Surgery


Quality Assurance Survey

This hospital has been part of the Cardiac Centre Quality Assurance Survey, and its latest individual results are shown below. To view additional national data, see the Cardiac Unit and Outcome Data page in the Professionals section.

This unit has not reviewed its outcomes for the last quarter.

Cardiac Audit Status regional and national

Each section has a maximum score of 5

This chart was produced on 31 March 2023.

Thoracic Surgery


Outcomes Audits

This hospital has been a part of the following outcomes audits, please click on any outcomes audit to see their data:

National Lung Cancer Audit – 2017

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