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Team Award Application

SCTS NAHP Team Awards

Nursing and Allied Health Professionals are a rapidly growing group within our SCTS, who play a vital role in the delivery of high-quality patient care in Cardiothoracic surgery. The nominated work for this award must have had tangible positive outcomes, such as demonstrable improvements in patient care or in the effectiveness of service provision, demonstrating the value of health care professionals in this important year for the profession.

Deadline: 16:00, Sunday 15 January 2023

Who can enter? : Anyone working in CT surgery can enter for their team.

How to enter? Please complete the form below.

What do you need to do?

  • Name of the person nominating and their title, hospital name and contact details.
  • Please pick one of the categories from below to nominate your team.
  • Please write 1000 words covering all aspects mentioned in the criteria section below for judging/scoring.
  • Please write all the names of the team and contact details of who have been nominated for this award.

Categories are: Please note that a hospital is allowed to enter only two categories from the following list per year. Previous year winners cannot enter again for next three years.

  • Best Cardiac NAHP  team of the year.
  • Best Thoracic NAHP team of the year.
  • Best Surgical Care Practitioner team of the year.
  • Best Advanced Clinical Practitioner team of the year.
  • Best Perfusionist team of the year.
  • Best Operating Department team of the year.
  • Best Physiotherapist team of the year.
  • Best Pharmacist team of the year.
  • Best Occupational therapist team of the year.
  • Best Heart and lung transplant NAHP team of the year.
  • Best Congenital NAHP team of the year

These awards are open to professional teams working in CT surgery. It aims to recognise the team initiatives that contribute to achieving the best clinical care in our speciality, which are outlined in the SCTS NAHP vision for the next 5 years.

These are:

  • Improving awareness and understanding of the CT speciality by actively promoting the relationship between high-quality care and clinical outcomes.
  • Demonstrating leadership to share best clinical practice locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Demonstrating education, teaching and development of future generations to deliver the best clinical practice locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Dynamically connecting with colleagues to network/benchmark best practice using a wide variety of media sources.
  • Actively promoting patient involvement and engagement ensuring increased opportunities for patients, families, and communities to access best evidence based and clinical care opportunities. 
  • Improving continuity of care by developing new methods of sharing of information.
  • Implement a service development across an organisation to involve all staff in improving patients’ experience of care.

Each entry will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Innovation: Originality of the idea.
  • Value: Impact of the initiative on patient care and/or service effectiveness.
  • Patient focus: Evidence that patient/service user need was central to the work.
  • Collaboration: Evidence of the involvement of other professionals (MDT), services and/or patients in the project.
  • Clinical effectiveness: Data demonstrating how this initiative drives clinical enhancements.
  • Leadership: Evidence of entrants championing their innovation in their organisation or more widely.
  • Adaptability: Ideas that could be adapted for use elsewhere in applicants’ organisations or other organisations.
  • Sustainability: Initiatives that can be embedded within organisations to operate without the input of the people who developed them.

If your team is shortlisted for this award, two shortlisted team awardees will be announced on the SCTS annual meeting NAHP CT Forum.

*Please make sure that all the nominated members in the team are current SCTS members or willing to become member. If not, please ask them to apply for the membership as soon as possible at the following link:

Many thanks

Prof. Bhuvaneswari Krishnamoorthy, SCTS National NAHP chair.

Mrs. X Liu, SCTS National Thoracic lead.

Mrs. Lisa Carson, SCTS National Perfusionist lead.


To nominate, complete the form below: