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RCS England’s FREE will-writing service

Free and professionally drafted with Bequeathed

Making a will need not be challenging or time consuming, RCS England are partnered with Bequeathed to offer a FREE will-writing service. This can provide you with a fully advised Will from an accredited legal professional in three simple steps.

Visit: at a time that suits you and follow the guide to create a draft will. A member of staff from one of Bequeathed’s partner legal firms will then advise you in person or over the phone.

A Will gives you the opportunity to set out who should benefit from your assets and appoint people, or a company, that you trust to be your Executor(s). Importantly, a Will ensures that everything you leave passes to the correct people/charities in accordance with your wishes.

  • Step 1.           

Take the online will interview, with support and guidance available throughout the process. Bequeathed transfer your answers, as well as the will their system creates from them, to one of their partner legal firms.            

  • Step 2.           

Attend a 30-minute appointment, via telephone or video call, at-home or in-office.  The firm will discuss your situation and your wishes and confirm the will fully caters for your needs.

  • Step 3.          

Receive your free Will in the post, sign it in front of witnesses and return it to the legal firm. They will check it has been executed correctly and securely store it for you also at no cost.


There is never any charge for a standard will, which is suitable for most people.


92% of the wills completed via Bequeathed are issued free of charge. If your circumstances are complicated and you require further legal advice, the legal firm will explain what is needed and give you a quote to consider and you are under no obligation to take this forward.           


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