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National Cardiac Research Improvement Initiative (NCRII)

NCRII Manual

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The SCTS Research sub-committee will be launching in September the National Cardiac Research Improvement Initiative (NCRII), a research mentorship platform for healthcare professionals with an interest in Cardiac Surgery research. This programme is spearheaded by Mr Gianluca Lucchese, Professor Enoch Akowuah and Professor Massimo Caputo, and draws upon the success of the Thoracic Surgery research mentoring led by Professor Eric Lim. The programme aims to support the career development of a broad range of healthcare professionals with a research interest in Cardiac Surgery in the United Kingdom.

The key objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Provide peer review and expertise on planned research from the research question stage to publication and dissemination.
  • Extend the number of healthcare professionals pursuing research, especially from allied health professionals
  • To improve the quality of cardiac surgery research produced.
  • To develop mentoring relationships between individuals, and inclusion of academic leaders of the future as co-mentors.
  • Review periodically the outcomes and quality of the programme.

To apply to this programme, visit the research committee section on

Participants in the programme will be supported through access to regular meetings with the mentorship group. They will be expected to present their research proposals and results for peer review respecting research confidence. In addition, mentees will have access to bespoke advice on research h methodology and research delivery. This programme hopes to provide a kickstart in research mentorship to a wide range of mentees and extend beyond the medical community and reach out to industry partnerships. It will involve existing academic trainees and provide a platform to increase the quality of research output within Cardiac Surgery. Further, it will support researchers in submitting funding applications to charitable and government agencies.

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