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SCTS Education: ST7A Revision & Viva course for FRCS (C-Th)

Educational Sponsorship

Our face-to-face ST7A Revision & Viva course for FRCS (C-Th) is currently taking place at Ashorne Hill, Leamington Spa from Monday 13th - Thursday 16th September.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Cardiac Course Director, Paul Modi & our Thoracic Course Director, Jagan Rao, and all cardiac and thoracic faculty for taking the time to teach on this excellent revision course.

We would also like to thank Corza Medical, a new name in the Global Healthcare market, for sponsoring the course.

Corza Medical UK is committed to partnering Surgical Societies and specialist HCP groups, such as SCTS in delivering better outcomes for patients through training and education.

Please contact Clayton Cox, Huw Pearson, Jo Cox and Darren Mayock for future courses, webinars and speciality focussed training and events.

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