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SCTS Toolkit

SCTS Toolkit

We are delighted to publish our Toolkit – ‘Transforming the Care we Deliver’ for Cardiothoracic Surgery

We hope this will be a catalyst to help everyone in cardiothoracic surgery reflect on current practice, to read what has been achieved in other units and consider what might be appropriate in your own unit.

To view the toolkit please click here


This is a 3 to 5 year strategy to:

  • Improve Patient Care and Experience
  • Provide Allied Health Professionals Equal Opportunities for Clinical Career Progression
  • Give Surgeons in Training more Access to Theatre to Develop and Refine their Skills

The toolkit shares examples of innovative and successful practice from around the nation. These examples clearly show what can be achieved and will allow us to evolve the delivery of care given to patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery.

We hope it will provide units and their leaders the resource to choose  their own bespoke models of care that will improve their service.

You are most welcome to contact SCTS for further information and / or support

We are indebted to all the authors for their contributions, and in particular Abdul Badran, Tara Bartley, Bhuvana Krishnamoorthy, Jonathan Hyde, Zahid Mahmood, Helen Munday and Duncan Steele. Their chapters define why we need to change.

Simon Kendall, President 

Narain Moorjani, Honorary Secretary



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