Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Thoracic Outcomes

Thoracic surgery units undertake surgery for lung cancer, and other cancers within the chest such as thymoma or mesothelioma, collapsed lungs known as pneumothorax, major infections and to biopsy suspicious areas, among other surgery. The SCTS collects data on these other operations in the thoracic registry. Some data for this hospital from the 2015-16 audit year is given below:

Cases Performed
Primary lung cancer resections all primary lung cancer resections 431
Total thoracic surgery excluding endoscopy all case (excluding endoscopy) 1146
Did this hospital perform radical surgery for mesothelioma in 2015-16? no
Did this hospital perform chest wall deformity (pectus) surgery in 2015-16? yes

Consultant Thoracic Surgeons 2014: 6