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Exhibitor Manual


Saturday 16th March 2023

Exhibition Setup for large structures from 10am

Acess to hall for small stands from 2pm

Shell Scheme stands will be built by 4pm

Sunday 17th March 2023

Exhibition Set up from 8am

Exhibitor access to ehxibition hall to dress stands from 11am

SCTS University

Exhibition Opens with Welcome Reception 5pm-7pm


Monday 18th March 2023

SCTS Main Meeting Programme

SCTS Annual Dinner


Tuesday 19 March 2023

SCTS Main Meeting Programme

Exhibition breakdown 16:00 -21:00


ICC Wales The Coldra, Catsash Rd, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1HQ

ICC Wales Website

The exhibition will take place on the ground floor in the Main Hall

Virtual guide of Main Hall

Main hall - Ground floor

A purpose built exhibition hall with 4,000 sqm of pillar free space. Providing direct loading and dedicated parking for production and exhibition vehicles. 

  • 4,000 sqm of pillar free space
  • 2 points of entry for direct vehicle access
  • Floor trunking throughout
  • Fully carpeted space


Venue Location: ICC Wales The Coldra, Catsash Rd, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1HQ


The lead hotel is The Celtic Manor Resort directly opposite the ICC Wales venue. Please use our official accommodation booking agent MICE Concierge. Email +44 (0)1438 908770

Book hotel here


Please download the SCTS App by searching ‘SCTS 2024’

This year we have downsized the printed programme so we strongly suggest you download the app.


The SCTS Annual Dinner will take place on Monday 18th March 19:30-01:00 

Location: ICC Wales, The Coldra, Catsash Rd, Caerleon, Newport NP18 1HQ

Tickets are £75.00 each. Price includes welcome drink reception, three course dinner, wine, entertainment & DJ dance

Some stand packages include complimentary tickets. Free tickets must be confirmed and collected from the registration desk.

Dress code: Gala-  Black Tie Cocktail Dresses


Service Order Form list


SCTS 2024 Unloading and storage. It is possible to book fork truck unloading for SCTS 2024. The equipment used is rated for 2000kg, with fork lengths of 1100mm. No other fork truck is available. Please ensure your crates etc are within these parameters.

Hours of operation.

Saturday 16 th March 07.00 to 12.00

Sunday 17 th March 09.00-14.00

Tuesday 19th March 16.00-21.00

Rates (exclusive of VAT) per session. Per hour or part £150.00, Unload or Load, so £300 for both. Single lifts (3 items allowed) £80.00.

Storage Smaller items may be left at owners’ risk, in the exhibition storage area, for no charge. This is self service only. Larger items may be left outside in the yard, you will need to place these and collect these yourself.

You will need to provide your own tarpaulins. Labour If you require labour please ask, minimum call 4 hours. Rate £40.00 per hour plus vat

All services must be fully paid in advance. Please contact Matthew Voisey, to book


All exhibition areas within the ICC Wales are carpeted. If you wish to install your own carpet on your stand, you must first lay down floor panels to protect the venue carpet. All installed carpets should be secured in place using double sided tape (Stikatak B7 Exhibition Tape or equivalent).


Lunch, tea and coffee are included in your package. These will be provided during the official breaks and will be served in and around the exhibition hall. Delegates will flow through the exhibition on their breaks.  These will be your busiest times.

ICC Wales have the sole rights to provide all food and beverages within the venue. Additional catering for your stand can be ordered directly from the venue. Please contact to place and order.

Order Exhibitor Catering Here

We allow coffee machines on exhibitor stands. We ask that all exhibitors make sure to arrange a suitable power source to their stand that accommodates the coffee machine, and that you provide the details of the equipment they are bringing onsite (including the coffee machine) in venueonline form.

ICC Wales Safety & Insurance Check Form


General cleaning of the venue will take place during the event build and prior to the event opening each day. Any unwanted paper or packaging by exhibitors should be placed in the aisles (not causing an obstruction) at the end of each day for collection and recycling. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to make sure their stand is kept clean and tidy. If an exhibitor requires ICC Wales to clean their stand, this can be arranged for a fee.

Service Order Form list


SCTS Organisers Team

SCTS Meeting Secretary              Cha Rajakaruna

SCTS Deputy Secretary                Sunil Bhudia     

SCTS Associate Secretary            Carol Tan          

SCTS NAHP Lead                          Nisha Bhudia    

SCTS Associate NAHP Lead         Rosalie Magboo

SCTS Finance & Sponsorship      Tilly Mitchell      

SCTS Finance & Sponsorship       Maika Jimenez    

SCTS Administrator                        Emma Piotrowski    

Exhibtion NEBOSH                         Matthew Voisey 

Shell Scheme  Intershell               Trevor Head         

ICC Wales Event Manager             Tamara Buckland

ICC Wales Catering                         TBC


The use of compressed gas and liquids are strictly regulated within ICC Wales. Exhibitors should submit details of any proposed use of compressed gas and liquids no later than 28 days before the event. This should include the type of compressed gas or liquid being brought on site (e.g. CO2, O2, Helium, Nitrogen etc.), The size of cylinder or vessel with their working pressures. The intended use of said compressed gas or liquid. A certificate in respect of recent pressure tests of each vessel. This should also be made available on-site for inspection if requested by SCTS’s Health and Safety representative.


Although all government guidelines have been lifted, the venue still will have free-standing hand sanitising stations and use virucide (anti-virus) cleaning products where appropriate. 


Nether the event organisers or the ICC Wales will accept responsibility for damage or loss of any properties of the exhibitors or contractors. All exhibits are the sole responsibility of the exhibitors. There will be CCTV at the venue, but the individual stands and exhibits lie with the responsibility of each exhibitor. Valuables should not be left unattended on stands and be locked away overnight and additional care should be taken during exhibition build and breakdown. In the unlikely event of theft, please report to the organisers immediately at the registration desk.


Directly to Venue

You are welcome to send items directly to the venue. The venue will accept deliveries from Friday 15th March. Any deliveries attempted before this date may be turned away. 

Click here for instructions

Pre-Event Delivery All parcels must be delivered to Loading Bay 1 at ICC Wales. Deliveries are accepted from Monday to Friday between 08:30 until 16:00. Deliveries are only accepted within contracted tenancy times, unless pre-arranged with your Event Manager. All packages should be labelled as follows:


*Event Manager Name*

C/O: *Event Title, Event Date, Sender/Client Name*

International Convention Centre Wales

Loading Bay 1 Coldra Woods

Newport NP18 1HQ

*Box Number (e.g. Box 1 of 4)*


Two stand options shell scheme or Free Build. Please let SCTS know which type of stand you require at least 6 weeks before the event date.

You have been allocated a stand number which will be located in the Main Hall  All stands must be built to the agreed space allocation agreed as per your booking form.


You will need to arrange the build of your own stand. This space comes with No Electrics or lights. These will need to be ordered separately. You also will need to submit stand design plans to be approved.


Click here to view shell scheme

Image of Shell Scheme

The shell scheme stand will be built and managed by Intershell. The shell scheme is constructed from 2.4m white panels. A name board is erected on the perimeter of the open sides.  Your company name is printed on this.  Shell Scheme option includes 2 spot lights and a 500w electrical socket. Standard shell scheme stands are 6m² 3m x 2m.


The panels of your shell scheme can be branded. Please contact Trevor Head for graphics.


If a stand is free build, you must submit the following to SCTS for approval.

  • Detailed Scale Drawings Showing:  Plan and Section views of the stand with measurements.
  • No stand must exceed 4m in height, stands less than 12m2, cannot exceed 2.5m in height.
  • Elevations of the stand
  • The width and position of all gangways within the stand
  • The type of floor and floor loading of the stand, and floor covering colour.
  • Specification of the materials used. 2) Full risk assessment (including Fire) and method statement 3) Details of the stand contractor and a copy of their Public liability insurance.
  • CDM statements


The set up will be in phases, and timings allocated. Contractors that turn up outside allocated times may be delayed in accessing the hall. Timings are based upon workflow, not given arbitrarily. Timings are subject to change.

Build up day 1, Saturday 16th March 08.00 to 19.00

Build up day 2, Sunday 17th March 08.00 to 14.00 for inspections, Exhibition opens 17.00.

Breakdown Tuesday 19th March shall commence at 16.00 and must be completed by 20.00


Only persons aged 18 and above may access the Exhibition Hall at all times between 06.00 on March 16th to 20.00 on March 19th. You may be asked to provide ID if you are challenged.

Anyone suspected of being under the influence or having recently consumed alcohol or drugs will not be permitted into the working area, and will be asked to leave the ICC site. The organisers decision is final.

Failure to comply with PPE regulations may result in contractors not being allowed on site or removed from site, as will any form of antisocial behaviour. The organisers decision is final.

All contractors entering the hall will be subject to a short Induction video, to confirm site rules etc. This is mandatory, after which you will sign to confirm induction. Failure to do so will result in the person being refused entry to the hall.

Phase 1

Saturday 16th March between 8am and 10am.

This is the delivery of the main contractor’s materials for the shell and electrics, and the offloading by official supplier of vehicles by forklift truck. Major sponsors will be prioritized at this time. This will be a high visibility mandatory time for all persons in Exhibition Hall.

Phase 2

Saturday 17th March between 10am and 1pm.

Concurrently the shell contractor will be installing the shell booths, and electrics, along with designated free build stands being constructed. Largest stands will be given priority for access on Saturday from 10am.

Phase 3

Saturday 16th March between 1pm and 7pm All remaining free build stands can be constructed, until the hall closes at 7pm. The dressing of shell scheme booth will be possible subject to their completion. (Probably from 4pm). Please see PPE requirements below.

Phase 4

Sunday 17th March. 8am to 2pm.

All remaining work to be completed on free build stands, and ready for a structural inspection at 1pm. Stands will not be allowed to open without this inspection, build crew must be present, in case of any remedial work being required.

Shell booths may continue dressing stands until 3pm.

At 3pm the organisers will make an inspection to ensure all stands are ready for the 5pm opening.

Between 2 pm and 4pm, the venue staff will be cleaning and making the arrangements for Delegates to enter the hall. All aisles must be cleared, and no dirty work will be permitted. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Hi vis jackets are required all day Saturday 16th March, in exhibition hall. They must be yellow, orange or dayglo green, be clean, with reflective strips functional, and have a CE mark. The venue staff wear red jackets. Any other colour or damaged jackets will not be permitted.

Footwear. On Saturday 16th, appropriate safety footwear must be worn. This means shoes or boots suitable for working on site. It is required that contractors wear hard toed footwear. The wearing of casual or sports type footwear will not be permitted and any contractor entering site without suitable footwear will be asked to leave until suitable footwear is sourced. No exceptions.

Footwear. Sunday 17th. Contractors should comply with above. It is recognised exhibitors and poster authors will be in the hall on Sunday. Provided they are simply dressing stands, and poster boards, they may wear suitable work shoes, but once again they must be suitable for wearing in such an environment. (i.e., no sandals, flip flops etc.)

Ladder safety

Many accidents occur when working at height. Falling of persons or objects can cause injury to the individual or those around them. Please review the many publications on the HSE website if you need advice.

All ladders must be suitable for the work undertaken. They must be free from defects, and of the correct type. Class 3 Domestic ladders are not suitable and will not be allowed in the hall.

You must not use chairs as steps. When working at height, please ensure there is a sterile area below, either cordoned off, or with a person on watch.

Stand design and hanging structures

Exhibitors are unable to use any structural hanging points for signage or structure support. The booth must be supported from below. Exhibitors are not permitted to project any branding or anything onto the ceiling of the hall. All stands must not exceed 4m. All shell scheme spaces i.e., 3m x 2m must not exceed 2400mm in height.

When designing a stand, please be mindful of see through, and blocking adjoining stands. There are no rules, but we would expect a maximum wall length of 40% of any outside perimeter. The organisers have the right to reject any design regardless, if they believe it will have an adverse effect on neighbouring stands. Please send drawings before final company approval/build, so that they may be cleared by the organiser first.

A structural engineer will inspect the stands on Sunday 17th at 2pm. Please ensure that you take pictures of hidden structure during build, so he can see any substructures. Otherwise, you may have to take apart sections for inspection. For overhead beams etc, you must use bolts not screws.

Build crew must be present for inspection.

Dust and waste

It is not permitted to carry out activities that create dust, such as sanding down, and use of saws without extraction equipment. All waste must be taken from site by the contractor, as no waste can be left on site. Any waste left will be removed and charged to the exhibitor.


Please order power by 1st March to avoid late order surcharges.

All stand designs and drawings, risk assessments etc. should be submitted by 17th February.

Please submit to 

Note: This information does not override or supersede ICC Wales safety policy & SOPs. Please ask for more information.


It is possible to book fork truck unloading for SCTS 2024.

The equipment used is rated for 2500kg, with fork lengths od 1200mm. No other fork truck is available. Please ensure your crates etc are within these parameters.

Hours of operation 

Saturday 16th March 07.00 to 12.00, and 13.00 to 17.00

Sunday 17th March 09.00-14.00. By pre booking only.

Tuesday 19th March 16.00-21.00

Rates (exclusive of VAT) per session

Per hour or part £160.00

Single lifts (2 items allowed) £80.00.


Smaller items may be left at owners’ risk, in an area to be advised.  the backstage area, for no charge. This is self-service only. Larger items may be left outside in the yard, you will need to place these and collect these yourself. You will need to provide your own tarpaulins.


If you require labour please ask, minimum call 4 hours.

FREIGHT  (for larger items)

Please make your own arrangements.


There will be no fun run on Saturday 16th March 4pm. 5K run around the venue surroundings. Contact for more information.


We will supply a 6’ trestle table and two chairs to each shell scheme standard stand.

If you would like additional furniture please contact Trevor Head at Intershell.

Furniture Brochure -TBC

Furniture Hire Prices 2024 -TBC

Order Form -TBC


Please contact if you require a fork lift to unload. 


Exhibition Build and Health and safety Information

The 2024 Annual meeting takes place at the ICC Wales between 17th and 19 March 2024.

The exhibition in Main Hall, starts build on Saturday 16th March, and continues on Sunday 17th March. The exhibition hall opens to delegates at 4pm on Sunday 17th March. The drinks reception and official welcome is at 5pm.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment All Exhibitors MUST complete a Risk Assessment for the safety of their own staff and stand visitors. If a third party stand contractor is responsible for the build of your stand, please ensure that they are aware of this requirement.

Unloading allocation will not be given until paperwork has been received. There are no waivers, all exhibitors must produce a risk assessment, even if the risk is low, stating that they have carried out an analysis, and find it low risk. Such things as use of a table and roller banners would be low risk. If using a PC, please ensure cables are not a trip hazard.

Please submit your drawings and documents as soon as possible, and in any event by 12th February to Matthew Voisey

Method Statement

A method statement must be submitted by all contractors/exhibitors for works being carried out at the event. This should include safe systems of work and highlight the control measures which will be put in place. This is in additional to the legal requirement for a Risk Assessment.

Hi–Vis Policy During build-up and breakdown, all personnel must wear hi-vis (High visibility) clothing within high risk areas such as our service yard. Personnel not wearing hi-vis will not be permitted in these areas.


No stand shall exceed 4m in Height. Stands under 12m2 can only build to 2.5m high, unless express consent is obtained in advance.

No stand may have more than 40% of an aisle facing side, walled above 1.2m. This is to ensure see through and avoid other exhibitors facing a wall of another stand. The organisers decision on this is final.


Whilst every precaution is taken to protect your property during the exhibition, the organisers are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft during the entire meeting.  It is recommended that you secure your own insurance. Any damage that does occur will be charged to the exhibitor concerned. We will not be responsible for contractors hired by exhibitors.

All exhibitors & stand contractors are required to have relevant insurance to cover themselves against damage to the venue as well as their own stand and equipment. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage incurred by whatever means and will be required to make good such damage at their own expense.  All exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their own installations meet current health and safety standards and safe working practices. The venue and the event organisers will not be held responsible for any damage to exhibition stands or missing items.

ICC Wales Safety & Insurance Check Form

IT & AV Extras

Order Exhibitor Extras Here


The Organiser’s will mark out of the perimeter of the stands and feature areas onto the floor of the Exhibition Hall.


Sunday 17th March 2024

Sessions 09:00 – 17:00

Exhibition Opens -Welcome Reception 17:00 – 19:00


Monday 17th March 2024

Sessions 8:00 – 18:00

Exhibition 9:00 – 18:00


Tuesday 19th March 2024

Sessions 8:00 – 16:00

Exhibition 9:00 – 14:00


All invoices for exhibition stands must be settled in full 4 weeks before the event date.

Stands will not be allowed to be built unless full payment has been received.


ICC Wales has convenient onsite parking.

  • 700 underground parking spaces with direct access to the main atrium
  • Intelligent vehicle registration recognition barriers allowing quick egress
  • Dedicated and separate access for both Auditorium and Main Hall crews
  • Space for 4 articulated vehicles to unload simultaneously to Main Hall
  • Dedicated parking for articulated lorries and up to 60 exhibitor vehicles behind the centre

We have secured a special parking rate of £6 a day to park at ICC Wales. The offer is only available if you pre-book. Please book car park here.

Deadline to pre book parking: Friday 15th March

Parking without pre-paying will be £24 a day.

Parking Tariff

0 – 1 hour Complimentary
1 – 5 hour £6
5 – 8 hours £10
8 – 12 hours £14
12 – 24 hours £24

Parking charges apply to blue badge holders


Shell Scheme Stands- bronze stands come with 500W electric sockets and two spot lights.

You will be required to bring your own extension leads and adaptor plugs. Please ensure that all electrical items are PAT tested. These certificates should be available upon request. If further power is required please organise through our service provider Intershell.

Free Build Stands  - Bronze stands will come with a 500W electric socket

Platinum & Gold stands will need to organise electrics through our exhibition service provider Intershell Trevor Head.


An interactive programme can be viewed on our website from January 2024

A short programme at a glance will be avaliable on the app


There will be no rigging permitted at this event other than the sponsored banners booked with SCTS.


Registration desks at the venue are open:

Saturday 16th March               16:00-18:00

Sunday 17th  March                08:00 -18:00

Monday 18th March               08:00 -18:00

Tuesday 19th March               09:00 -12:00

Online registration is now open

When ready please use the link below to register your staff.

Badges will be collected onsite by scanning your confirmation QR code. Your exhibitor badge will give you access to all sessions.

Please can you pre-register your staff by 1st February 2023

All exhibitors will be required to wear a name badge throughout the meeting.  Access to the exhibition hall and the auditorium will be refused if the appropriate badge is not shown.


There will be a lead scanning option on the SCTS app. Exhibitors will be able to scan delegetaes name badges to retrieve information. A report can then be downloaded at the end of the event. This function is free of charge.


ICC Wales provides 24-hour building security cover via its security control room.

ICC Wales cannot be held responsible for any items which are left unattended. Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own stand and its materials. All stand items should be secured overnight and when a stand is left unmanned. In the unlikely event of a theft, the incident should be reported to the ICC Wales immediately. Stand security can be hired from ICC Wales. Please speak directly to the venue who will be happy to provide you with a quote.


Please follow us on Twitter @SCTSUK


Instagram: @S_C_T_S




There is a storage area in the exhibition area. This is free to use. Please note that there is limited storage on site for any empty flight cases/boxes.

Storage of items or materials beside and behind stands is not permitted. Where feasible, storage areas should be built into the exhibition stand.


Sunday 17th March 2024

SCTS University   09:00- 17:00

Lunch bags are served outside the session rooms. 12:30-13:00

Welcome reception in the exhibition hall 17:00-19:00

Pub Quiz 19:30-22:30


Monday 18th March 2024

Sessions start 08:00 – 18:00

Morning coffee in exhibition hall 10:00 -10:30

Lunch served in the exhibition hall 12:30-13:30

Afternoon coffee in exhibition hall 15:00-15:30

Annual Dinner 19:30-01:00


Tuesday 19th March 2024

Sessions start 09:00 – 16:00

Morning coffee in exhibition hall 10:00 -10:30

Lunch served in the exhibition hall 12:30-13:30

Breakdown after lunchbreak 14:00-19:00


Exhibitors should bring their own trolleys to transport goods from their vehicles to their stand. ICC Wales will not provide these on-site.


The SCTS University day takes place on Sunday 17th March 2024 09:00-17:00 There will be four educational streams taking place in four rooms. There is an opportunity to sponsor on of these sessions. 

The exhibitor pass gives you access to all sessions on at the University.


The Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday 17th March 2024 in the exhibition hall.

The exhibition will open with an extended welcome reception. We will be providing drinks and canapés.

This will be a great opportunity to offer delegates drinks and food from your stand these can only be purchased directly from the ICC Wales venue.

No food or drink from outside can be taking into the exhibition hall.


There will be free Wi-Fi throughout the whole of the meeting.

ICC Wales has a guest WIFI network free for all guests to use. To access the complimentary Wi-Fi, the user must enter their name, provide an email address and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Network name _GuestWIFI

If you require a hard line or dedicated Wi-Fi network setup on your stand this can be accommodated at a direct cost to you from ICC wales.

Order hardwire WIFI here 


The next SCTS Annual Meeting will take place at the EICC Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 16-18 March