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Cardiothoracic Intensive Care and Critical Conditions Course

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Course aimed at  Nationally Appointed Surgical Trainee (ST4 - ST5) in Cardiothoracic Surgery, covering cardiothoracic intensive care and critical conditions. 

It uses a well established course ‘Beyond BASIC Cardiac ICU’ to deliver content on advanced critical care in cardiac surgery. It also has additional content covering thoracic surgical intensive care and critical conditions to align with the ISCP cardiothoracic surgery curriculum (4 August 2021), covering most aspects in the curriculum relating this this area. The course consists of consists of clinically based lectures and skills stations.

Some of the lectures include: 

  • Cardiac Operations 
  • Care of Post-Operative Cardiac Patients on ICU
  • Epicardiac Pacemakers and Cardiopulmonary Bypass
  • Haemodynamic Instability 
  • Cardiac Tamponade 
  • Cardiac Arrest in the Post-Op Cardiac Patient 

Some of the skill stations include: 

  • Pacing workshop
  • ECMO emergencies
  • IABP
  • Thoracic airways management
  • Haemodynamic assessment

The second day will cover thoracic specific considerations in ICU and critical conditions as a series of interactive lectures:


  1. Respiratory failure
  2. Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  4. Pulmonary sepsis
  5. Management of the post pneumonectomy patient
  6. Bronchopleural fistula
  7. Persistent air leak and surgical emphysema
  8. Stridor

Thoracic emergencies and trauma

  1. Thoracic trauma: Blunt vs penetrating
  2. Resusciative thoracotomy
  3. Rib fracture management
  4. Massive haemoptysis
  5. Tension pneumothorax
  6. Haemothorax

Organised by: Mara Banuta of SCTS Education
Phone Number: 07542319310

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