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Hammersmith Hospital

Region: London North
Trust: Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
Services provided: Adult Cardiac Surgery and Thoracic Surgery

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
150 Du Cane Road
W12 0HS

About the unit

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust came into being in October 2007. The cardiac surgical departments formerly at St. Mary's Hospital, London and Hammersmith Hospital, London were co-located on the Hammersmith campus in 2009.

Services provided

Adult Cardiac Surgery Thoracic Surgery

Rehabilitation and follow up

All patients undergoing cardiac surgery at Imperial are offered postoperative rehabilitation classes close to their home.

Visiting hours

A9 ward: 3pm to 9pm: 0203-3313 2784/5 High Dependency Unit: 11am to noon, 3pm to 7pm: 0203-3313 8938 or 0203-3313 1261 Cardiac Recovery Unit: 11am to noon, 3pm to 7pm: 0203-3313 1267 or 0203-3313 8927


Tel: 0208 383 1000

Trust Website:
Cardiothoracic surgery departmental website:    

Adult Cardiac Surgery


Quality Assurance Survey

This hospital has been part of the Cardiac Centre Quality Assurance Survey, and its latest individual results are shown below. To view additional national data, see the Cardiac Unit and Outcome Data page in the Professionals section.

This unit has reviewed its outcomes for the last quarter.

Cardiac Audit Status regional and national

Each section has a maximum score of 5

This chart was produced on 31 March 2024.

Thoracic Surgery


Outcomes Audits

This hospital has been a part of the following outcomes audits, please click on any outcomes audit to see their data:

National Lung Cancer Audit – 2017

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