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About SCTS

Click here to read the Constitution and Bylaws of the SCTS

The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland SCTS was founded in 1934 and was initially devoted to the practice of thoracic surgery, which at that time was mostly for tuberculosis. After World War II, with such pioneers as Lord Brock and Sir Thomas Holmes-Sellors, cardiac surgery was introduced and the number of cardiothoracic surgeons steadily increased.  Click here to read more.

The modern SCTS is:
• An independent self-funded organization
• Responsible to only our members
• The representative body for cardiothoracic surgery in Great Britain & Ireland
• We now have lay-input from a patient representative on our Executive Committee
• Nursing and trainee representatives on our Executive Committee

The aims of the SCTS are:
1. To continuously improve the quality of healthcare that our members deliver to patients in an open and accountable manner
2. To ensure that we influence the direction of education and development of surgeons-in -training and related health care professionals
3. Ensure that regulation when required is fit for purpose
4. To meet the professional demands of our members as regards information and guidance surrounding the practice of cardiothoracic surgery
5. Support education and professional development through Society scholarships and bursaries.
6. Represent GB & Ireland in cardiothoracic surgery at an international level to foster exchange of concepts and ideas which may enhance our practice

The Society has pioneered data collection in the UK, having a register of all cardiothoracic operations since 1977. We have been unique both as a surgical speciality and within any area within medicine in the NHS to rigorously collect data on our outcomes, which have beensubsequently published as reports from the National Cardiac and Thoracic Databases.The SCTS has been at the forefront of innovation and quality improvement in the NHS for the past decade.Notable SCTS achievements over recent years are:
1. Public release of outcomes for named adult cardiac surgeons. Click here for more information.
2. Comprehensive collection and feedback of clinical outcomes to members and the public. This initiative has demonstrated a 25% reduction in mortality for adult cardiac surgery since 2003
3. International benchmarking of our results showing a 25% better risk adjusted mortality for cardiac surgery than the European average
4. Award of the BMJ Group Award for Best Quality Improvement, 2010
5. Development, in conjunction with the Specialty Advisory Committee in Cardiothoracic Surgery, of an innovative National Selection Programme for Cardiothoracic Surgery which has been adopted by other specialties.
6. Feedback and national monitoring of performance of adult cardiac surgeons. The methodology we use for this has been adopted by HQIP for all national clinical audits.
7. We have led the thinking about surgical revalidation and provided evidence to the GMC and the Health Select Committee on revalidation.
8. Developed a national process for advising Trusts on the structure of consultant job plans.
9. This work, we believe, is firmly aligned with the principles outlined in ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ and ‘High Quality Care for All’.
10. Our members have provided substantial input to national initiatives such as:
‘Safe and Sustainable’ review into congenital cardiac services
‘Heart of the Matter’ NCEPOD report into death after coronary artery bypass
11. The launch of the SCTS University in 2010 to promote postgraduate education

The SCTS has an annual meeting in March every year and all health professionals involved in cardiothoracic surgery from the UK and overseas are always welcome. An important feature over recent meetings has been the development of the Cardiothoracic Forum, which is designed to focus on cardiothoracic practice and encourages non-medically qualified members of the cardiothoracic team to make contributions. The SCTS also has a growing patient involvement and patients who have undergone cardiothoracic surgery have been invited to attend our meeting.