Vinci – SCTS Engagement day Report

March 29, 2016

The 2nd national student engagement day for cardiothoracic surgery was held in Cambridge in November 2015. Run by students and overseen by the SCTS Education, more than 80 medical students and some 6th formers attended the session. Inspiring talks on getting in the specialty and the daily lives of different sub-specialists, were followed by a (simulated) post-op arrest and re-opening. After a networking lunch there were various wetlab stations. Delegates were from the UK and also Ireland and Brasil! There were a large number of young women and we are keen to welcome more of them into our specialty. The RSM cardiothoracic section also sponsored 5 students to attend the meeting paying in full their travel expenses. There was a further networking ‘social’ in the evening.

The formula of this meeting is now getting established. Building on great feedback and enthusiasm we look forward to the 3rd national student engaement event on the 5th November 2016 in London. The London team is based around Barts/Lodon & Kings but also welcomes input from other students. We are again reaching out to local state schools to encourage a wider pool of people into medicine and even CT surgery! For more details email and follow on