SCTS develop cardiac audit infrastructure

March 22, 2012

In line with SCTS policy for making clincial information more accessible we are pursuing a policy to make our cardiac audit data, and the processes that we apply to the data, more transparent. We have been fortunate to receive a grant from Heart Research UK, which is funding an analyst, Graeme Hickey, at the University of Manchester. Since appointment in September he has been doing excellent work to clean the dataset, and start to produce clinical and research outputs to benefit the members of SCTS and the wider clinical and patient community. The main aims and activities of the SCTS audit project are summarised on this main SCTS website, but in addition we have a number of works in progress and techinical papers, which will be of interest to members, data managers and resarchers. We are placing all of these into the public domain as they develop. For technical and site management reasons this section will be initially hosted on the University of Manchester website. Once any project become completed we will migrate the content to the website, and we will post developments which we feel are of interest on the news section of the main website to keep people informed.