Perspectives in Cardiothoracic Surgery (Volume II)

“It is a privilege for us to introduce the second volume of Perspectives in Cardiothoracic Surgery. As Invited Editor, Mr Marian Ionescu noted in his post scriptum to Volume 1 that cardiothoracic surgery is in a period of intense scientific activity. The evidence from the SCTS Ionescu University 2016 is that this activity continues. There were twelve streams to the University in 2016 and, in Volume 2 of Perspectives in Cardiothoracic Surgery, we have concentrated on two areas; surgery of the thoracic aorta and minimally invasive lung resection. The chapters on these topics certainly show how intense this activity is and how
it benefits our patients.”

Perspectives in Cardiothoracic Surgery (Volume I)

With the publication of ‘Perspectives in Cardiothoracic Surgery – The SCTS Ionescu University 2015’ we are pleased to be able to publish the key presentations edited in a more scholarly format for the benefit of the SCTS membership and the wider profession. These perspectives are up to date reviews of areas of clinical practice authored and edited by leading experts who have kindly contributed to this next phase of education from the SCTS Education Committee and Annual Meeting.

The Pericardial Heart Valve

The SCTS is delighted to provide this definitive text which details the iterative development of the pericardial heart valve from concept to widespread clinical application. The history offers inspiration to future generations of cardiac surgeons whilst providing a discerning insight for current implanting clinicians.