Professional Standards

Professional Standards Committee membership

Professional Standards Representative Term of Office
Co-chair Sarah Murray 2018 2021
Executive co-chair Simon Kendall 2018 2020
Nursing & AHP Representative Helen Munday 2017 2022
Appointed Member Doug West 2018 2021


Terms of Reference

Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery Great Britain and Ireland

The demands on the Professional Societies are increasing. To meet this demand the SCTS has
formed three core committees for the sub specialties of cardiac, thoracic and congenital cardiac
surgery. There is also the Education committee.

Throughout the year there are several matters arising that require specific attention referring to
Professional Standards. At present the SCTS structure is not able to give appropriate time nor
adequate responses to such matters.

It is proposed that a Professional Standards Committee (“the Committee”)is formed to handle
these specific tasks as well as issues pertaining to sound governance in the structures and
processes of the SCTS.

The Committee will be responsible for advising the Executive Committee (the “Executive”)on all
matters relating to Governance including the self-assessment report and the appointment of
Members to the Executive. Specifically it will:

1. Review and make recommendations on the composition and balance of the Exceutiveand
its sub-committees.
2. Gather, screen and shortlist and, as a routine, administer the appointment of non-elected
Members to the Executive and its sub-committees.
3. Review the process whereby candidates are nominated for non elected positions on the
4. Develop and recommend to the Executive, policies and procedures for induction and
further governance development of Members.
5. Advise the Executive on Standing Orders for the Conduct of its Business.
6. Advise the Executive on the Code of Conduct and Register of Interests for its Members.
7. Ensure, as appropriate, compliance at all times with legislation.

It is proposed that the Committee will consist of President Elect and Elected Trustee (co-chairs)
with the Lay Representative. The Committee will co-opt other members from time to time,
appropriate to specific tasks.

The Committee will, with the Executive, establish a rolling program of actions and activities to
ensure sound governance of the Society. It will respond to requests for advice from the
Membership, through the Executive,

Proposed Structure:
Co Chairs – President Elect (2 years) and Elected Trustee (3 years)
Members – Lay representative (3 years),
Co-opted members as appropriate – including but not limited to chairs of sub specialty
committees, industry advisers, HR advice (Royal College of Surgeons)

Report to President.

Submit Report to each Executive committee.

Items of work will come through the Executive, the sub specialist committees and the SCTS
administrative office.

Isabelle Ferner Simon