Research sub-committee

Research Committee Presentation 2016

G Murphy, University of Leicester, explains the purpose of the UK Research Committee at the SCTS Annual Meeting, Birmingham 2016.

SCTS Academic and Research Committee Membership

Research Representative Term of Office
Co-chair Gavin Murphy 2015 2020
Executive co-chair Richard Page 2018 2020
Cardiac Lead Mahmoud Loubani 2015
Thoracic Lead Eric Lim 2015
Congenital Lead Massimo Caputo 2015
Nursing & AHP Representative Julie Sanders 2016
Trainee Representative Thomas Theologou
SAC Representative Steve Clark
NICOR Rep Andrew Goodwin
ACL Representative Marius Roman
Associate Surgical Specialty Lead Luke Rogers
Associate Surgical Specialty Lead Ricky Vaja

Terms of Reference June 2015

Cardiothoracic Surgical Academic and Research Committee Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery Great Britain and Ireland

The demands on the Professional Societies are increasing. To meet this demand the SCTS has formed three core committees for the sub specialties of cardiac, thoracic and congenital cardiac surgery. There is also the Education committee.

The Academic and Research agenda in Cardiothoracic Surgery cannot be adequately addressed through the current structure. Academia and research require strategy and focus. It is proposed that an Academic and Research Committee is formed to handle these specific tasks.

Proposed Structure:

Co Chairs – President (2 years) and Appointed Chairman (3 years)

Members – 3 Invited Academic Surgeons and 1 Invited ACF / ACL Report to President.

Submit Report to each Executive committee and Cardiothoracic SAC

Items of work will come through the executive, the sub specialist committees and the SCTS administrative office.

The purpose of the sub committee is to:

Review status of Academia and Research in Cardiothoracic Surgery Advise SCTS / SAC regarding workforce and recruitment

Interact with Education Committee and Meetings team regarding their agendas Coordinate and communicate with matters pertaining to academia and research.

Coordinate and Communicate with the research departement, Royal College of Surgeons, England.

( Isabelle Ferner Simon