Intercollegiate Board

Intercollegiate Board in Cardiothoracic Surgery 2018-2019

Mr Clifford Barlow RCPSGlasgow April 2012-Mar 2022
Mr John Hinchion RCS Ireland July 2013-
Mr Jon Hyde SCTS March 2014-Feb 2019
Mr Mike Lewis SCTS/Chair June 2016-May 2019
Mr Sunil Ohri Leader, Panel of Question writers (section 2) 2013-
Mr Sri Rathinam SCTS Jan 2019-Jan 2020
Mr Rana Sayeed Leader, Panel of Question writers (section 1) 2013-
Mr Rajesh Shah SAC Chair Sept 2017-Jan 2019
Mr John Smith JSCFE Lead
Mr Geoff Tsang RCS Ediniburgh 2017-2022