Executive Committee

The SCTS is grateful for the contributions of its past presidents.

Executive Committee 2016-2017

Mr Graham Cooper President 2016-2018
Mr Richard Page President-elect 2016-2018
Mr Simon Kendall Honorary Secretary 2013-2018
Mr Kulvinder Lall Treasurer 2014-2019
Mr Sri Rathinam Joint Education Secretary 2016-2021
Mr Narain Moorjani Joint Education Secretary 2016-2021
Mr Clinton Lloyd Meeting Secretary 2017-2019
Mr Ahmed Al-Adhami Senior Trainee Representative 2016-2021
Mr Jacob Chacko Junior Trainee Representative 2016-2021
Ms Helen Munday Deputy Nursing & AHP Representative 2016-2017
Mr Rajesh Shah Co-opted on to Executive as
Chairman of the SAC
Ms Sarah Murray Lay representative 2014-
Mr David Jenkins Chair of Clinical Audit Group 2016-2017
Mr Gavin Murphy Co-Opted as chair of Research Committee 2015-2017
Ms Juliet King Elected member 2015-2018
Mr Andrew Owens Elected member/Chair of Professional Standards Committee 2015-2018
Mr Shyam Kolvekar Elected member 2016-2019
Mr Prakash Punjabi Elected member 2016-2019
Mr Stephen Clark Elected member 2017-2020
Mr John Dunning Elected member 2017-2020
Mr Amal Bose Joint SCTS Perfusion Representative 2016-2019
Mr Phil Botha Joint SCTS Perfusion Representative 2016-2019
Miss Carin Van Doorn Coo-opted as Chair of Congenital Committee 2016-2019


SCTS Ex-Officio Members of Executive 2017-2018

Mike Lewis Chairman of Inter-Collegiate Board
Jonathan Hyde Cardiothoracic Dean
Carol Tan Thoracic Tutor
Sunil Bhudia Cardiac Tutor
Doug West Thoracic Audit