Board of Representatives

The SCTS has introduced the board of representatives to enable direct communication between the Society Executive Committee and the units themselves.

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BORS unit reports 2019

BORS Presentations September 2019

S Clark

D Jenkins

C Lloyd Annual Meeting update

H Munday

G Murphy

R Page

S Raithinam

C Van Doorn Review update

C Van Doorn National Review

C Van Doorn PICU Capacity 

S Wooley GIRFT

Notes from R Page

Presentations December 2017

Meeting Report

T Bartley

F Ciulli

D Jenkins

C Lloyd

N Moorjani

R Page

E Shafei

C Von Don

D West

R Yadav

J Zachariras

Presentations December 2014

Doug West

Sir Donald Irvine

Steve Westaby

Tim Graham

David Barron

David Jenkins

Terms of reference of SCTS Board

Ratified SCTS Executive 6th Sept 2007

• Meets twice a year, autumn at RCS London and spring at Annual Meeting

• Has 1 representative from each unit which has at least one full member of SCTS

• Is advisory to the Executive and Trustees but has no power of vote or veto

• Generally will advise on subjects suggested by Executive but members may raise subjects for discussion in advance of the meeting UNIT REPRESENTATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES

• Be a member of SCTS • Attend the Representative Board Meetings. In exceptional circumstances a stand-in may attend as long as this is notified in advance to SCTS office and the stand-in is a member

• The term of office is between 3 and 5 years

• Must comply with SCTS conflict of interest policy