SCTS Nursing and Allied Health Professional Audit and Research

Introduction to SCTS Forum: Nursing and AHP Research

Welcome to the research page of the SCTS Forum. It is known that research active Trusts have improved patient outcomes(1). However, it is also recognised that nursing research activity is substantially less than other healthcare disciplines(2), thus there is a need to increase the evidence-base(3), with particular emphasis on nurses [and AHPs] leading and driving research(4).

The vision of the SCTS Forum is to encourage, promote and assist in the development of NAHP clinical academic career and research opportunities in cardiothoracic surgery in the UK. This is particularly important in areas that impact clinical practice, patient and staff well-being and have the potential to influence policy. Early in 2017 we conducted the ‘SCTS Nursing and AHP Cardiothoracic Research Questionnaire’ aiming to identify nurses and AHPs engaged in research across the speciality and what support, if any, members would like the SCTS to provide.

Based on the results of the above questionnaire we are delighted to:

  • – Launch the SCTS NARG (Nursing and Allied health professional Research Group), a group of nurses and AHPs who are interested in cardiothoracic research, at any level. The aim is to provide the opportunity to network, seek and offer research support, and to facilitate research collaborations.
  • – Provide a SCTS Forum Research Support Directory. The directory includes SCTS NARG members who are willing to provide research support/mentorship/supervision to other SCTS Forum members
  • – Provide an expanding online research resource library, including relevant funding calls and MSc and PhD opportunities
  • – Provide details of and report on research events hosted by the SCTS or other affiliated associations.



To join the SCTS NARG, or access any of our research resources highlighted above, please log in here: then click on this link: 

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