Application Form for Associate Membership

1. For Associate joining fee and annual subscription please see application form. Please note the joining fee is non-refundable.

2. Annual subscriptions are preferably paid by direct debit but provision can be made for payments via credit card. Subscriptions will leave bank accounts on or around 1 st January each year with the first payment leaving the January after ratification.

3. Applications can be received throughout the year bu t can only be ratified at the Annual Business Meeting in March each year.

4. Once an application has been received at the Society offices, it will be processed and correspondence will be provided informing the applicant of the stage at which their application has reached

5. Membership shall be automatically forfeited if no subscription has been paid for one year after appropriate reminders

6. Benefits for the Associate Member include:

  1. Receive a Bi- Annual Bulletin with contributions from Members of the Executive and topical issues.
  2. Obtain website access with specific access to the members section.
  3. Membership to CTSNet and their web publications/ education information
  4. Ability to shape the development of protocols for shared care
  5. Enjoy increased influence in SCTS
  6. Ability to network with other organisations
  7. Local networks
  8. Associate members are eligible to apply for a bursary to support attendance at conferences or to visit other centres
  9. Ability to advertise vacancies to allied health professional which includes an email to the specific target audience
  10. Database access through SCTS for research and practice development issues
  11. Reduced registration fee to the SCTS Annual Meeting and Cardiothoracic Forum
  12. Members are invited to attend the annual business meeting and to have access to the minutes of Business and Executive meetings produced by the Society via the Website