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About the Unit

We are a supra regional centre for thoracic surgery covering the whole range of thoracic surgery and with specialist interest in LVRS surgery, VATS sympathectomy, metastectomy (VATS and open), chest trauma, MDRTB and complex pulmonary infection surgery, chest wall surgery including neoplasia and pectus surgery, surgery of the airways (resectional and palliation including laser ablation and PDT), and VATS lobectomy.


Bordesley Green East
B9 5SS

Tel: 0121 424 2000

Trust Website: http://www.heartofengland.nhs.uk/templates/Page____7702.aspx

Thoracic Outcomes

The Lung Cancer Clinical Outcomes Publication or LCCOP 2019 (2017 data).

LCCOP is a compulsory audit of surgery for lung cancer in NHS hospitals in England. It does not cover SCTS units in the devolved nations or Ireland.

The outcomes of patients undergoing surgery to remove a lung cancer in this Trust in 2017 can be downloaded in PDF form here.

Several outcomes are reported. These are the percentage of patients alive at 30 days and one year after surgery, the median length of stay after surgery, the overall and the early stage performance status 0-1 resection rate for that unit.

Survival data are adjusted to take into account some of the characteristics for the patient population being treated.

Beside these numbers are the national data for England.

Surgeons operating in this hospital

Number of lung cancer operations
Rajesh Pala14
Steyn Richard32
Hernandez Arenas Luis Angel34
Naidu Umamahaeswar45
Bishay Ehab59
Kalkat Maninder Singh74
(this table shows the names of the surgeons who performed lung cancer surgery in this hospital in 2017, and the number of operations they performed that year)

Other thoracic surgery undertaken by this team

Thoracic surgery units also undertake surgery for other cancers within the chest, such as thymoma or mesothelioma, and benign conditions like pneumothorax or pleural infections. The SCTS collects data on these other operations in the thoracic registry. Some data for this hospital for the 2017-18 audit year* is given below;

Data from the 2017-18 SCTS thoracic registry

Cases Performed
Total thoracic surgery excluding endoscopy all case (excluding endoscopy) Not Submitted
Did this hospital perform radical surgery for mesothelioma in 2017-18? Not Submitted
Did this hospital perform chest wall deformity (pectus) surgery in 2017-18? Not Submitted

*note that the thoracic registry reports in financial years (1st April-31st March), while the LCCOP audit reports in calendar year.

Consultant Cardiac Surgeons 2015 - 2018: 0

Consultant Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgeons: 0

Consultant Thoracic Surgeons 2017: 7