New Ionescu Fellowship round 2021

Deadline 15th April 2021.

Ionescu Travelling Fellowship for a consultant 2021

Ionescu NTN Trainee Travelling Fellowship 2021 

Ionescu NTN early years (ST1-4) travel award 2021

Ionescu Hospital Appointed Doctors small travel awards 2021

Ionescu Hospital Appointed Doctors Fellowships 2021

Small travel awards for FYs and CTs Application Form 2021

SCTS-Ionescu Medical Student Fellowships 2021

SCTS-Ionescu Consultant Team Fellowships 2021

SCTS – Ionescu Nursing & Allied Health Professional Fellowships 2021

Ethicon Fellowship 2021 

Applications for the Ethicon Fellowship 2021 are now open. The deadline is the 31st January 2021.

As before, these fellowships will have an extended time frame of 18 months to complete from the time of award allowing members to travel in the new normal. We look forward to receiving your applications. Application Form.

If you have any questions, please contact Letty Mitchell fellowships@scts.org