Agrawal Dharmendra

GMC: 5092973

Hospital(s): Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT

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Dharmendra Agrawal works as part of a team of thoracic surgeons at Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT
Click here to see data on how this team performed in 2018, including;

  • the number of operations to remove lung cancer performed by each surgeon in the team
  • the adjusted survival rates 30, 90 and 365 days after surgery to remove lung cancer
  • the length of time (defined as median days) patients having cancer surgery at this Trust spend in hospital
  • the percentage of patients readmitted to hospital within 90 days of surgery
  • the pooled resection rate of Trusts served by this surgical unit

This data comes from the Lung Cancer Clinical Outcomes Publication.  This project makes the results achieved by surgical teams treating lung cancer within NHS England available to the public.

The latest report covers operations performed in 2018.  More information about this project is available here.