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The top priority of the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) is patients’ interests. We want to give patients, their families, friends, and carers, helpful information about their medical condition. This includes publishing material about the hospitals and consultant surgeons in the UK that specialise in cardiothoracic surgery.

Hospital and Consultant Information

Information on the number of chest surgery operations carried out, and the results of surgery, can be found on this website for both hospitals and individual consultant surgeons. This can be accessed using the left hand navigation menu, or the links below:

Consultant Outcomes Publication Report

Hospital level information
Consultant surgeon level information

Blue Book Online

You can also look at national trends and hospital procedure numbers over time on our dynamic website, the Blue Book Online.

The Blue Book Online

Maintaining Patient's Trust

The SCTS believes that we, in partnership with other organisations, have a responsibility to monitor and publish the outcomes of our surgery. By doing this, we aim to ensure that the trust placed in the medical profession by our patients is well deserved. You can find out more information about how we do this in our book, Maintaining Patients’ Trust’, which can be viewed online, downloaded and printed.

Maintaining Patients’ Trust (downloadable pdf)

Patient's Representative

We at the SCTS believe that it is vital for members of the public with experience of heart surgery to be represented at both our Executive and sub-committee meetings. This helps to keep patients’ interests at the centre of the work that we do.

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The SCTS is an independent and self-funded organisation. If you wish to contribute a donation to support the work we carry out, and become a friend of the SCTS, please click on the link below.

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