Winners SCTS–Ionescu Annual Fellowships Award 2020

March 29, 2020


The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland (SCTS) invited applications for the annual portfolio of Fellowships sponsored by Mr Marian Ionescu. The broad range of the Fellowships were offered to all SCTS members to benefit Consultants, all grades of Trainees, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Medical Students.

Marian Ionescu is a retired cardiac surgeon from Leeds. He is a surgical innovator and pioneer who introduced various techniques in cardiac surgery as well as invented the pericardial valve. After a successful cardiac surgical career he focused on mountaineering and has scaled most peaks in the world. Mr Ionescu has supported the SCTS with his donations to the society for educational activities for many years. His contributions over the years have enabled the SCTS-Ionescu University, SCTS-Ionescu Fellowships, the Perspectives in Cardiothoracic Surgery and recently the Ionescu Foundation courses.

SCTS was honoured and privileged to announce this annual round of application with Mr Ionescu’s continued support to the wider cardiothoracic multidisciplinary community.The applications were advertised in the SCTS website as well as by flyers to all the members.

The deadline was the 15th January 2020.All application were scored to the SCTS Scoring Matrix by a panel of SCTS Officers and the scores were averaged to rank the candidates. The final awardees were finalised by unanimous decision by the SCTS officers and education leads.