Quality Assurance is the means through which an institution ensures and confirms that the conditions are in place for students to achieve the standards set by it or by another awarding body (Quality Assurance Agency 2004).
SCTS Education aims to ensure that the learning aims, educational content, the teaching methods and learning outcomes of all accredited courses are appropriate and of high standard. This to be achieved by developing and implementing a robust process of quality assurance of educational activities delivered in the UK.

SCTS Education aim
• Map all trainee targeted courses accredited by SCTS Education to the Cardiothoracic Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme
• Develop SCTS University into the prime Continuing Professional Development activity for all Cardiothoracic Consultants
• Accreditation of specialist courses
• Accreditation of industry developed, sponsored and delivered courses

Course Accreditation Process
All Course Directors or Providers who wish to apply for SCTS Education Accreditation badge will have to complete and submit an Application Form for Accreditation together with an application processing fee.

The educational activity application will undergo a review by Accreditation Officer or representative of the SCTS Education Committee. If the course is deemed suitable, full accreditation is only granted following a quality assurance visit of the course and if appropriate the Accreditation awarded.

Once the quality assurance Inspection visit is completed the Accreditation is granted for three years. At the end of the process the course directors will be in a position to use “This course is accredited by SCTS Education”

Criteria for Course Evaluation
– Valid, clear and achievable learning objectives
– Suitable Faculty to deliver the teaching
– Varied methods of delivery of teaching to facilitate learning
– Appropriate facilities for the course and learning aids
– Provision of adequate catering
– Appropriate evaluation methodology of the course and learning

Benefits of SCTS Education Accreditation
– All accredited courses will have the benefit of using SCTS Education badge for three years. This assures both the providers and the attendees that the educational activity is quality assured
– Only courses accredited by SCTS Education will be advertised by mailing from the SCTS
– Accredited Courses will be listed on SCTS website under SCTS Education section

Accreditation Fees
This is for processing an accreditation application form and the expense has been deliberately kept to a minimum to allow all Course Directors the opportunity to apply without it being prohibitive.

 Non Profit Course Accreditation
£100 and expenses for accreditation visit

 For Profit/Industry Courses
£500 and expenses for accreditation visit

All courses developed by or in conjunction with the Cardiac and Thoracic Tutors will undergo through the accreditation process but will be exempt from paying any fees.

Continuing Professional Development
CPD is any learning outside of undergraduate education or postgraduate training that helps maintain and improve performance. It covers the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours across all areas of professional practice. It includes both formal and informal learning activities. (GMC CPD Guidance for all doctors, 2012)

CPD has an increasing importance for all Trainees and Consultants with a central role in both appraisal and revalidation. SCTS Education aims to ensure that any event or educational activity awarded CPD points will be quality assured and scrutinised to ascertain the relevance to the speciality of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Only courses or educational activities awarded accreditation by SCTS Education will be entitled to apply for CPD points.

The CPD activity or event will be evaluated and 1 CPD point will be awarded per hour of learning with maximum of 4 CPD points per day.

An Application Fee will be required for processing the request for CPD points:

 Non Profit Course/Meeting

 For Profit/Industry Course/Meeting

All meetings or courses awarded CPD points by SCTS Education will be required to submit evidence of satisfactory evaluation of the activity.