About Education

Letty Mitchell    Education Senior Administrator +44(0) 7525 816969  education@scts.org

Emma Ferris    Education Administrator +44(0)7894 718353  edadmin@scts.org

Education Committee

The Education Committee serves as a link between the Executive and the Cardiothoracic SAC to ensure that educational matters are highlighted in the Society. Specific tasks include the confirmation of CPD points for meetings which are assuming much greater importance than formerly due to the requirements of Revalidation. Other current matters are the Ethicon Scholarships, the recognition of courses for Allied Health Professionals, including Surgical Care Practitioners, and the development of Simulation Training Courses.

Education Representative Term of Office
Co-chair Sri Rathinam 2016 2021
Executive co-chair Narain Moorjani 2018 2020
Cardiac Tutor Sunil Bhudia 2016 2021
Thoracic Tutor Carol Tan 2016 2021
Congenital Lead Attilio Lotto 2019 2022
Nursing & AHP Representative Tara Bartley 2013
Nursing & AHP Representative Bhuvana Bibleraaj 2013
Trainee Representative Sudeep Das De 2018 2021
Consultant Lead Donald Whitaker 2017 2020
Non-NTN Lead Uday Dandekar 2018
Medical Student Lead Aman Coonar 2013
Accreditation Lead Mahmoud Loubani 2013