2015 Lung Cancer Surgery Consultant Outcomes Publication (LCCOP)

August 5, 2015

This week the 2015 Lung Cancer Surgery Consultant Outcomes Publication (LCCOP) data has been sent out to thoracic surgical units in England for validation. This is the second year of this mandatory audit for NHS hospitals providing lung cancer surgery in England. It will use data from the 2013 calendar year.

It is important for consultant surgeons and audit leads to review the data for completeness and accuracy before it is returned. It is very hard to correct any errors after this stage.

This year LCCOP will be reporting resection rates, together with unadjusted 30 and 90 day mortality. These are the same outcomes that were used last year. Longer term, SCTS is working with the National Lung Cancer Audit and others to identify the most important clinical outcomes for reporting, and to introduce robust risk adjustment.

Queries about the LCCOP can be addressed to Rosie Dickinson the NLCA Project Manager, or to Doug West the SCTS Thoracic Audit Lead.