SCTS Trust Appointed Doctors Education Lead Role

December 21, 2020

SCTS Trust Appointed Doctors Education Lead

Application Form

Job Description

The SCTS Trust Appointed Doctors Education Lead is responsible for developing and delivering the portfolio of education resources to promote and support the career of Trust Appointed Doctors. This is to ensure that our colleagues in the speciality of cardiothoracic surgery, who provide care to our patients are offered best support to ensure continuous professional development as well career development. This will also encourage entry to the speciality based on talent, ability and team-working as the overriding criteria regardless of background.

The SCTS Trust Appointed Doctors Education Lead will be a member of the SCTS Education Sub-committee, and accountable to the Education Secretaries and the Executive of the Society. The term of office is 3 years and may be extended up to 5 years.


The principal duties include:

  • Designing and running the SCTS Trust Appointed Doctors portfolio of training courses.
  • Maintaining a database of Trust Appointed Doctors.
  • Overseeing the Trust Appointed Doctors engagement meeting, which is part of the SCTS Annual Meeting.
  • Promoting courses from other organisations relevant to cardiothoracic surgery particularly, for example the RSM, RCS and ASIT.
  • Overseeing, in conjunction with the SCTS Education Secretaries, the selection of SCTS-Ionescu Trust Appointed Doctors
  • Create and oversee a national mentorship / role-model scheme to support Trust Appointed Doctors.
  • Commission a series of articles for the SCTS Bulletin to support and guide Trust Appointed Doctors career progression in cardiothoracic surgery.

Informal discussions may be held with Sri Rathinam & Carol Tan (Education Secretaries) and Zahid Mahmood (SCTS Education Trust Appointed Doctors Lead).

Interested members should submit a brief CV and a completed application form to by 31st January 2021.