Workforce Report 2015

 The purpose of this document is to provide insight into workforce planning in the specialty for the future, particularly in respect to the four principal sub-specialties of adult cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, congenital cardiac surgery and transplantation. It has been prepared from the joint perspective of the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and […]

Thoracic data – 3 year summary

The SCTS has released a summary of the last three years of activity from the SCTS thoracic registry. The report covers the 2011-2014 audit years and can be downloaded here.

2015 Lung Cancer Surgery Consultant Outcomes Publication (LCCOP)

This week the 2015 Lung Cancer Surgery Consultant Outcomes Publication (LCCOP) data has been sent out to thoracic surgical units in England for validation. This is the second year of this mandatory audit for NHS hospitals providing lung cancer surgery in England. It will use data from the 2013 calendar year. It is important for […]

Update on Cardiac Review

New proposals have been put forward on new standards for congenital heart disease.  For further information, click here

Congratulations – A E (Fred) Wood

The Society is delighted to announce the appointment of A E (Fred) Wood as President (Chairman) of the Medical Council of Ireland by the College of Surgeons in Ireland for it’s new term June 2013-May 2018. We extend him congratulations and success in his role.

VATS lobectomy rate now at 30%

The provisional 2013-14 SCTS returns for thoracic surgery are now available. We have received data from 3 Scottish units, 28 English, 2 Welsh, 1 Northern Irish and 1 in the Republic of Ireland. 1 English and 4 Republic of Ireland units that have previously submitted data have not yet done so for this audit year. […]

Mycobacterial infections

Public Health England announced on the 10th June that it is working with the NHS, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and NHS England to investigate a small number of mycobacterial infections potentially associated with heater cooler units used during cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac surgery. Commenting on the announcement, a spokesperson for the […]


The Official Journal of Aortic Institute at Yale – New Haven Hospital: here

Hospital and consultant data updated

The SCTS ‘Patients’ pages have been updated to show results of surgery for hospitals and consultant heart surgeons up to 31 March 2013. Improvements have also been made to the look of these pages, to make them easier to read and understand. To access the new pages, click ‘Patients’ on the menu bar near the […]